Feng Shui Services


A typical consultation involves a brief phone or email exchange to understand your needs and an analysis of your floor plan before meeting in person. On site, we will walk through the space and Anne will offer feng shui advice and suggest practical ways for you to make enhancements, and recommend the most effective ways to create the positive change you desire.


We offer commercial consultations for all types of businesses. We will look at the overall flow of energy through the space and set you up for maximum success. Previous clients include Athleta, Old Navy, Gap Inc., a yoga studio, public relations office, tech company, medical office suite, consulting & design firm and an employment agency.


We offer remote consultations by phone. These are most effective if you can provide a sketch of the floor plan before the session. Photos of the space are also very helpful. Anne has successfully provided remote consultations for residential and commercial clients in Northern & Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Chicago.

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We can help evaluate positive and negative aspects of a property before purchase so buyers can make the most informed purchase.


We provide feng shui advice for real estate agents and homeowners selling a property. We offer feng shui adjustments, recommend enhancements, and can conduct space clearing techniques to help expedite the sale.

Remodeling/New construction

We are available to review architectural plans and provide feng shui tips and advice for remodeling and new construction projects.

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